3 team-building activities that you can engage in with your staff members

The place where you work is like a second home because you spend most of your weekdays there and the people with whom you interact are much like you family members. To perform your job with a high level of efficiency and develop a feeling of loyalty towards the organization that you work for, it is important to have healthy relationships with your coworkers. When the work is too hard and too much, most employees tend to get frustrated and loose interest in what they do which might lead to the weakening of their team spirit. Mentioned in this article are three things that you can do to step outside the office walls and forget about all your corporate responsibilities to get to know each other better and strengthen the relationships among each other.

Get artistic

Not everyone in your office may be good at aesthetic stuff such as drawing, sculpting or sewing; but when given the opportunity to put all their usual work duties aside and get creative for a change, you might be surprised by what they might come up with. Painting classes are always a great option because anyone capable of handling a pen at work every day can use a brush to stroke vibrant colors on a blank canvas to make unique and beautiful art. If possible, let everyone use the same canvas so that a large art piece that is composed of a bit of everyone’s creativity, that is worthy of going up on the office wall can be created. Another interesting option would be a leather making workshop Singapore companies often go for, where the troops can make nifty little pouches and holders with leather material, without having to rely on any sewing skills.

A cooking class

This would be a truly unique and fun experience for everyone as it’s a lot different from the conventional team outings which are either to a bar or a restaurant. Select a convenient day for everyone and head out to a great cooking class in your area where you will get the opportunity to whip up some delicious dishes under the supervision of an experienced foodie professional. Afterwards, you can all sit around and enjoy what you have cooked while sharing a few good laughs and making some wonderful memories. Working together to fill up a whole table will help build team spirit to a great deal.


Today, there’s hardly enough time for us to do something for the needy in the society even as a family, because we are always busy. By organizing a volunteer project through which you will be able to bring your staff members together and work in collaboration to achieve a common objective while also developing their humanity and giving them a feeling of self-realization. Being able to give back to the society is one the best feelings in the world and your coworkers will greatly appreciate an opportunity to do such a service.



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