8 Tips on Throwing a Surprise Party for a Friend

So the birthday of a special friend of yours is coming up, and you wish to plan something special for her—you thought of throwing a surprise birthday bash. Good idea! A birthday bash thrown by surprise will sure have her feel all the love in an experience that would be memorable for her.

For the surprise to be successful, you’ll need to execute it carefully. Read on for some sure-fire tips on throwing a surprise birthday bash.

Make Sure the Guest of Honor Will Be Comfortable with It

Since it is your friend’s day, it has to be a fun day for her. Although it is a surprise, still have her prepared by saying you’ll be spending some time out together or something like that. That way, she’ll be well-dressed and in a good mood.

Meticulously Plan All Details Early

This will give you ample time to prepare. By planning in advance, you’ll be able to set up all the necessary preparations smoothly. And when it comes to a party shop Singapore has a lot in store for your celebration needs, whether goody bags; decorations; table skirtings; tableware; and etc.

Make It Clear to Guests That It’s a Surprise

You don’t want the surprise to be ruined. Tell the guests to keep it a secret for it to really be a surprise. And to make sure it stays a secret, invite those who have a hard time zipping it in the last minute.

Ask for Some Help from Friends

Throwing a surprise birthday bash can be a lot of work. Perhaps, some other close friends could help in making it possible.

Hold It on a Different Day

A person might think people have forgotten about her birthday if people are keeping a secret from her for the exact date of her birthday. To avoid hurt feelings for the celebrator, the event can be held in advance. But also make sure that the guest of honor, as well as her friends, will be available on that day.

Make Plans with the Celebrator on the Actual Birthday

This will prevent hurt feelings from thinking everyone has forgotten her birthday when you all have actually been keeping a secret for a surprise all along.

Show No Evidence

When inviting, it would be better to do it by word of mouth, either personally or by phone. Printed invitations are a no-no, as the guest of honor may stumble upon it. People should also be careful that any other birthday celebration items must not be seen.

Distract the Guest of Honor

On the big day, someone or some people could be in charge of keeping the guest of honor distracted, while everyone is gathering up and setting up for the surprise.

Take our word for it, and your surprise birthday bash will be a success, and your friend will surely feel special on her special day.

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