Fetch The Right Flower To Give The Right Message

Just like pigeons symbolize peace, flowers symbolize various things like wealth, fortune prosperity and hospitality. Is the earth flat? Do you pour the milk before cereal in a bowl? Am I about take a literature class in this article and make you bored out of your skull? This answer is, NO. Next time you want to get flowers for anyone, be it your mom, dad, best friend, girlfriend, sister or even your pet dog, don’t just stroll out to the nearest flower shop and buy anything that looks fresh and good, rather put more thought it into it, ponder what message it will give and buy the right bunch of mother’s nature’s beautiful gift for the right one to make it more special and personalized. Here’s an insight to help you out.

Roses for Love.

Through decades and decades, from love sick twelve year olds to teenagers and old couples, roses have always been a sight to the sore eyes and beautiful gift given to women to celebrate love. Although it sounds so traditional and old school, trust me folks a red rose or perhaps a bunch of them will have your loved one skyrocketing to cloud nine and doing a happy dance mentally. Don’t wait for your wedding anniversary to scan the newspapers with a headline saying anniversary bouquets Singapore,insteadorder one whenever you feel like appreciating your wife and making her happy. Remember, not all women prefer Rubies over Roses!

Tulips for Forgiveness.

When you’ve argued with your Mom, hurt her feelings and feel like the worst living thing to waste the oxygen, here’s one way to calm the storm and gain her forgiveness. White tulips are known to symbolize forgiveness, purity and serenity. So next time you’ve messed up things with your best friend or girl real bad, collect all that ego and dump it in a bin. And the next thing to do, surprise her with a bouquet of tulips and a side note to say how much you’re sorry.

Hydrangeas for Thanksgiving.

These most commonly pale blue flowers with large round petals will not stop you from looking away. You can give a bouquet of these to anyone you want to thank for, be it your high school teacher for making geometry look less like a textbook version of your brother, both a clear example of pure infuriation, or even your grandmother for all the signature chocolate chip cookies she excessively bakes whenever you visit her. Send these flowers to express a heartfelt emotion of gratitude and Thankfulness.

Daffodils for a Better Luck.

What better way to jump in to a new year and start something new than with a few daffodils to wish you good luck? These little beauties looking like they’re dipped in sunlight with elegant and soft yellow petals, can act as an absolutely beautiful good luck charm to anyone who’s about to start a new business, face a few terrible exams or is on the verge of giving up on their SATs and are wasting time on click bait videos wondering what they’re doing with their life. Believe me a small pep talk, a simple card and bunch of daffodils are all what they need for a motivation boost.

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