Florist tips on choosing the most suitable flowers for different occasions

Sure; music is one of the universal languages – but so is the floral language. If you recalled your memory about some of the special occasions that you have attended to, you would be able to remember a number of floral elements. Let it be a wedding, a funeral, a birthday party, a farewell party, an anniversary etc. the flowers could always help you to express yourself better. But the choice of the flowers will always be a critical decision. To do that better, here are some of the tips from professional florists, combined and summarized for you.

  • The color symbolism of the flower

In the floral context, we all know how there are number of types of flowers in different colors. As explained in the above example, the same flower could carry different meanings when their colors change. As an example, although the hydrangea is used for all sorts of occasions, purple hydrangea flowersare specifically used to express an emotion where you want to say ‘yes, I understand you as deeply as you want me to’ or to express the abundance of wealth of some sort or basically a bag full of emotions. In the same way, you should do your research on the color symbolism on pink, blue, white and so on because it does matter.

  • Go for the professionals, period

This literally goes without saying; even if the whole internet was wrong, your reliable florist will not be. That’s why professionalism matters.

  • Is it happy or is it sad?

Have you ever wondered how different flowers always have their specific occasions? In the sense, if you name an occasion, you can more or less choose the type of the flower that you may already know. This is mostly based on a binary context; happy or sad. For an example, the red rose is a flower that celebrates love, remembrance and life whereas the white roses are used for more sympathetic, or sad occasions. In the same way, it is essential that you pay attention to the nature of the feeling.

  • Is it one or is it a bouquet?

The number of flowers too carry a certain meaning. In the case of romance, 3 roses, 6 roses and even 9 roses carry different meanings from each other. If you were to share some with your partner, to would be the best to know what it really means in the context. Sometimes, one single flower never has the impact that a bouquet has, and it works the both ways.

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