Have you popped the question yet?

Being in love is the most beautiful feeling in the world. It is even more special when you know that person will one day make a wonderful spouse for you. However, people are still a bit wary about popping the question. They think of times, places and days to make it a special occasion. Most of the time your partner will always accept, but it could be that they need more time as well. Nevertheless there is nothing you can lose by proposing at a romantic place rather than in a road side café.


How can you plan it soundly?


You can search the internet for ideas; does your partner like flowers, special places? Is any vacation or a holiday coming up where you can travel toa special place such as Paris or even Bali like romantic venues? Most people choose a water-setting such as a river front café or a sea-side restaurant to make it a singular experience. Some even go so far as to hire a vessel too. If you contact some events companies in Singapore, they can prepare the setting for this. It is just a matter of telling them what sort of a background you need, is a hush-hush affair or do you need a throng of spectators, is it a party, do you prefer music and so much more.

Have everything ready


Of course, if you hire professional help, they will be able to provide you with everything you need. However if you are going ahead by yourself or with some of your friends and family, make sure everything is ready. At the last moment, if you realize the flower bouquet has not arrived or the chocolates are melted, the whole thing can be ruined. You must also have a good idea about your partner’s preferences; if they like milk chocolate and you end up brining something opposite, that itself could be a contradictory situation where your partner will question the life choice they are going to make.


Have the future ready


Do you have ideas about how the future is going to be? Because the moment you propose, you must be aware of the partner’s preferences and your own, and how they fit together. At times, a person may not be able to make a decision at the sly, whether to say yes or no. if you have answers ready for any potential questions that could be asked, it might help to change a mind that is made up on something else.


Do not stall when you feel like you are totally and completely in love; go ahead and pop the question. Make it a special occasion and something that you will have unforgettable memories on.

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