Organising your office year-end party

Is it that time of the year again? Are you again burdened with organizing and conducting the year-end or the Christmas party of the office? It could be a fun experience however with all that office work you can also be too tired to be bothered about a grand party that will impress the management. But if you make a slip it will be duly noted. So what can you do?


Try getting help


You can talk to some of your work colleagues and get their help. There are some who are good in organizing events and some who like to do things like that too. So you can causally pass the message and schedule a meeting one day to meet with them all and assign tasks based on their preference. Do not forget to string HR in too. They anyway have a duty to make this as successful party, so even you are exclusively assigned to organize it, that doesn’t mean that you can’t get their help as well. Now your events team is ready; you have to have people from HR and finance both so some major actions are covered such as making a budget.

Deciding the day and venue


If the management is Ok with whatever the dates, days and venues you choose, try to get some ideas and agreements from other employees as well. You can have an office poll; use the mail app to do that. Of course, not everyone is internet and mail savvy at times, and some just don’t check mails when they are burdened with other work. But everyone visits the office food court. So have a board there for people to vote. You can give a deadline for everyone to express their ideas and you can choose the dates and venue with the most votes. Ensure you choose a few options all of which are easier or you when organising the event. If you put in some popular venue for example, which is not free on the dates approved, it could be an issue for you.


The day itself


Finally it will all come down to what happened on the day. Divide the tasks between your team members. Assign someone for outside work such as printing and finding an event emcee. The one you find must be a lively and active person who can make a party come alive with their presentations. Always calculate pros and cons when choosing a band or a DJ, having a buffet or ala carte menu and choosing between themes. A theme is very important as all of the events’ actions – dress code, decors, food – will be decided by the theme. So when you are finalizing that you might want to talk to your colleagues and the management also.



Even though you are already busy with so much of work, don’t forget that the year-end party is what all employees are looking forward to. Make sure it is a good one.

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