Perks That A Good Hotel Should Offer Its Guests


Any good hotel would have plenty of activities for its guests. This can really add value to its guests and create that lasting impression that all hotels strive for. In a competitive hospitality industry, it is important for hotels to provide more than just a luxurious stay. Memorable experiences for guests are worth their weight in gold, simply due to the fact they would tend to recurrently visit the property and create free publicity through word of mouth of their wonderful experiences with the hotel. Let us take a look at some indoor and outdoor activities provided by high-end hotels all around the world today.

City Tours for Explorers

Most guests love a bit of exploration and as a popular hotel it is wise to offer them to book a tour that will get them to experience the local lifestyle and culture of the surrounding area. City tours would show off some of the brightest attractions the city has to offer for tourists and sightseers. Millennial guests who make up a large number of hotel guests nowadays do not like being cooped up in a hotel room doing nothing. In very simple terms if your guests fall in love with the surrounding area of the hotel, they would end up falling in love with the hotel itself.

Spa Packages

Spas are now an integral part of most high-end hotels. Guests love the opportunity to literally kick back and relax and there is where a hotel should capitalize on the state of the art spa facilities. It is also renowned as one of the best ways of welcoming a guest after a particularly long flight. Spas can range from being the classic massage to something exotic and local to the region. The more innovative you are, the more satisfied your guests will be.

Sports Facilities

Sports facilities like a tennis court or basketball court will keep guests happy especially families with restless kids. Maintenance of equipment and tennis courts aren’t that expensive and providing your guests with these facilities on a complimentary basis will definitely put a smile on their faces.

Some Offers Can Be Location Specific

Whatever location a hotel is situated in, it is almost always famous for something. It is up to the hotel to do capitalize on this. Hotels in the Caribbean for example offer snorkelling packages. Another good example would be mornington winery accommodation which offers their guests the rich experience of tasting some of the best blends in the world. Offering location specific events to guests can ensure that you give some of the best moments in life.

Exceeding Expectations

Hospitality is all about exceeding the expectations of your guests, it goes well beyond fancy rooms and big lobby. Long gone are the days where guests are impressed solely on the splendour of a hotel. Additional special activities can make a hotel the first choice of preference for all types of guests regardless of age. Promotion becomes so much easier for a hotel when it has a lot of extra services to boast about.

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