Rules for healthy and white teeth

When it comes for looking after your teeth and keeping them healthy, it should be that hard. You have to make sure that you look after your teeth well. Since your mouth not only helps you talk and chew food, but it can also make and take off your physical appearance as well. So you should be able to look after your mouth and teeth well with below tips.

Avoid foods and drinks that will stain your teeth

If you are a heavy drinker or a smoker, do not expect to have a pearl white teeth, since any kind of food, drink or any kind of bad habits will make your teeth decay and cause diseases as well. Not only cigars and wines, but curries, colored juices will also make your teeth look yellow and stain your teeth. Best dentist for teeth whitening Singapore will help you in bringing your teeth’s back to normal. However, as home remedies, you should immediately brush your teeth once you have eaten any kind of stain foods and use a product that will work as bleaching for a better white teeth.

Change your toothbrush every month

One of the main rules that should be followed for a better and healthy teeth and mouth is the type of toothbrush. You have to make sure that you change your tooth brush once a month. Otherwise you will be transferring a lot of bacteria inside your mouth. If you are using an electric tooth brush, make sure you change them every two or three months. One of the best way to brush your teeth is to keep the toothbrush against your gum and teeth and gently move in a proper and gently circular motion instead of brushing backwards and forward. This way it will clean your teeth much easier and make it look clean.

Cleaning your tongue

You should practices using a special tool to scrape the bacteria on the tongue and clean any kind of sticky food particles on your tongue and it will also fresh up your breath. One of the main reason for stinking breath is the bacteria building up on the tongue, however, by using a tongue scraper, it will take of the unnecessary bacteria which stays on the top of your tongue and keep it fresh. A lot of doctors recommend using a tongue scraper instead of using a tooth brush for better results.

Brush your teeth with baking soda

One of the other way to keep your teeth white and healthy is to make sure you brush your teeth with baking soda twice or once a week for a better result. This way it will take the stains off your teeth. Youcan basically use the same way you use the toothpaste. In case if your gums feel itchy or uneasy try using it with salt as an alternative and brush every day.

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