Swimming tips for beginners

Have you just started swimming? Are you afraid of the water? Well, if you are afraid, here are a few tips that will help your session a little bit more productive and enjoyable. Whether you have to warm up or wear the right attire, you will be soon swimming the lengths in no time.

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When you are trying to warm up, the best thing to do is to warm up. this is a great way to ensure that the blood will flow through your body to every muscle and the body will get used to the set of muscle movement that will happen.

Breathing practice

Once you are done gliding through the water, you will need to get to the side of the pool and do some breathing exercise. Breathing is very important when you are swimming and this is where you will be successful with your stroke. The more practice you take for breathing techniques the better.

The session times

You will need to check the session times of the pool in order to ensure that you do not disturb other swimmers who will get frustrated if you are disrupting their swimming by crossing the lane. There are lanes allocated for just a bit of fun.

Your swimming kit

You will need to ensure that your swimming kit is well washed so that the chlorine will be washed away. The sooner you get rid of the chlorine the better durability of the swimwear. When you join a program such as swimsafer SG you will be taught almost all of these things.

The gear

You need to buy something practical. You should not get a bikini or pair of trunks from a boutique that will only look great but will not help you swim properly.

Plastic box or bag

You can get a plastic resalable bag or a box to throw in your swimsuit. Your bag will not get ruined as well. There are many DIY stores that have all sorts of plastic containers that you can be used.

Swimming cap

You will need to use a swimming cap all the time in the pool because chlorine can affect your hair and scalp. The scalp will be very flakey when in contact with chlorine. If you love hair, you will get yourself a cap.


You can get some demisting fluid for the goggles so that you will not have issues while you are swimming. There are special goggles available if you are swimming in an outdoor pool.

Do not forget to practice your stroke frequently and consistently.

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