Things to consider while throwing an official event

When you are throwing an official event like a company’s annual event or fundraiser for charity, there are several factors that might go wrong. Most of the time, companies would hire a third party company that specializes in event planning, which will help the mother company with the planning of the event. However, there are individuals who are closely involved with the planning and maintaining the budget and overseeing the event planning. Here are few ideas for those individuals to help plan an event without any problems or hindrance.


The first and foremost thing is the venue. It is important to make sure you have fixed your venue for the said date and the venue is up to your standards. It is important to make sure that the venue can accommodate your population. It is also important to make sure that your venue has all the required facilities to accommodate your party and the invitees’ needs.

Catering – food and beverages

Food is the most integral part of an event. When an event is starting, there should be finger food passed around. Finger foods can be cheese, grapes, chips or other appetizers. You can get goods like cheese, raw items, sea food in huge quantities from places like cheese shop Singapore or markets. You should serve different courses and dishes for an official event. It is better to make sure that the food is pretty common and it is advised against trying new food recipes unless that is the focus of the event. If it is a self-serving system, then there will be no issue in serving people. However, if the guests are seated and dining, then you need to make sure there is adequate staff available. Apart from food, it is important to make sure that there are proper drinks available for the people and if there is a presence of young children, then it is vital to make sure the alcoholic beverages are kept from their reach and there is appropriate drinks for them.

Decorations and hangings – Posters

It is important to plan the decorations and hangings. If there is a theme to the party, then it is important to stick to it. It would be amazing to have a dress code or even a colored theme for the party mainly when it is an office party. If it is a public event, it is important to use the social media for networking more than hanging posters in public. In publishing the event, you need to design eye-catching posters.

Apart from the above mentioned points, there are other factors like entertainment for the event which involves booking bands or singers. If it is an auction, then the items to be auctioned should be brought before the time and thereby requires good security and storage. Moreover, it is vital to stay on top of everything and making sure people have met their deadlines.

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