Things to Look For When Choosing an International School for Your Child

As a parent, the most valuable gift you can give to your son / daughter is a complete and fulfilling education. As a child, the first day to kindergarten may have been a frightening experience. But as he/she grows and learns to interact with others, school life is something they will look forward to. Eventually, the quality of education that was given to him will be one of the deciding factors of his future. It is for this reason that a parent must do his best in selecting the school that suits his child’s needs.

The Budget

The number of schools out there are countless. Many boast of services and facilities that are very attractive. But all these come with a price. The question is whether you can afford the expense. Remember, it is better to send your child to a school that you can afford to, every day. International schools usually go for globally recognised examinations, so make sure that you will be able to bear the cost when the time comes for payments.



It seems that teaching methods are continuously evolving and educators are coming up with all sorts of curriculum. There are many different approaches with differing opinions. Even culture plays a role when it comes to activities. So make sure that the school you chose has the style you use. Go through the school’s mission and vision statements and see whether the environment suits your child. Good schools have documents outlining all important policies and rules.


Year Established

As far as technology is concerned, the latest is the best. It’s a bit more complicated when it comes to schools. There is much to be learned from experience. There are old schools that have survived decades of change yet still churn out the best in results. They are indeed safer than the many little projects that spring up like mushrooms, only to fade away. If you wish to invest in a new venture, make sure it’s worthwhile. It may be hard to believe but one of the best British school Singapore has to offer was actually established in 1823!

Teachers and Staff

Teachers are, undeniably, the backbone of the school. The school must have a strong and united staff that will work together to achieve good results. Find out what kind of teachers are employed: are they qualified and dedicated? Find out the standard of teaching by talking to parents of students who have been there for some time.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Find out about the extracurricular programs that are offered. Do they have the teachers and facilities required? What are the charges and requirement for joining? Look up their track record for sports meet and other competitions.

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