Three things to know when staying in a hospital

Staying in a hospital can be both an exhausting and nerve-wracking experience. When you are sick, you are very vulnerable both emotionally and physically so staying in a hospital is going to be tough. Depending on why you are admitted, how long you are going to stay can vary from just a day to many weeks. However, regardless of the duration, your stay at the hospital can be more manageable if you know the following things.

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Pack what you need

Hospitals have regulations as to what items can be brought by patients. This can sometimes vary across hospitals, therefore, consult your doctor and make a list of what you are allowed to take. Then decide on what you are going to take with you. You need to take certain important documents with you to the hospital. Some of these are Medical insurance information, Prescriptions, information about any surgeries you have undergone before and a contact list of people the hospital can call in case of emergencies. Also make sure you pack clothes that are easy to wear and loose. Take a wool cardigan in case you feel chilly. Always have clothes with short sleeves so it is easy for nurses to attach IV tubes. Also bring a little money for vending machines or to buy yourself a cup of coffee, etc. Also remember to have a notebook and pen to write down anything important your doctor tells you.

Have someone who makes you feel comfortable by your side.

It is common to feel anxious and nervous especially in case you are supposed undergo surgery, e.g. colorectal cancer operation singapore or even something minor like bone fracture repair surgery. As surgeries are invasive and for first times it can feel frightening. Therefore when choosing a person to stay with you in the hospital, don’t pick someone based on how important they are to you but pick someone who makes you feel comfortable. If your significant other is generally a worrywart or pessimistic, they could potentially aggravate your fears instead of calm you down. Choose someone who can calm you down and help you feel optimistic and positive.

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Take something to occupy your time

Outside of tests and operations, you will have to spend many hours just waiting around. You could, of course, watch television if the option is available. However if that does not strike your fancy, take something along to occupy your time. Maybe a few books to read, tools to knit, etc., just make sure that you will be able to enjoy the activity and it would help improve your spirit instead if dampen them.

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