Tips for beginners using gel nail polish

Many girls love going for a manicure and pedicure to get their nails done. However, there is fraction of women who prefer to do their own little nail project than rather go to the nail spa.


As a first time user, if you go to a gel manicure Singapore based salon, then you will realise that the professionals will get through the entire process without having to deal with a tricky situation. As beginner, you will need a little guidance and some tips that will help you master this form of arm.



Your nails have to be cleaned and dried well to apply the gel polish well. Once you clean your nail, you need to buff it and then use a wipe to remove any debris. You need to clean your cuticles. This will ensure that no dirt is trapped or gets in the way when applying the nail polish.

The polish bottle

You need to shake the bottle well before you use the polish. When you shake the bottle well, this is ensuring that you can apply the polish very easily. When using a base or top coach, you do not need to shake the bottle. This is only applicable for colour polishes.



Using a Q-tip, apply aquaphor along the cuticles before you apply the nail polish. So not cover any part of nail but only the cuticle area. This is perfect when applying the nail lacquer cause if it goes out of the nail, it can be wiped off easily because of the aquaphor. The aquaphor help remove the cuticles so that the acetone does not make the cuticles dry.


Short strokes

When painting the gel polish, you need to use short stroke around the edge of the nail and the cuticles. When using shorter strokes, it is easier to control, which will ensure that you do not go out of the nail. Once the first coat of polish is one, the second one is easy to do.


Thin layers

The consistency of gel lacquer is different that the normal one. Therefore, you do not need to use a lot of polish unlike when using the normal nail polish. If you use too much the polish will pool in one spot and become very thing along the edge and cuticles. Try and stick to thin coats as must as possible.

Cap the edge

Make sure that you paint the very edge of the nail which means that the manicure will last longer.


Removing the excess

If you have excess nail polish outside and around the nail, then you can use a small brush and remove the lacquer off of it.


Wait for sometime for the polish to dry completely before you apply the topcoat!


Afterwards, never forget to hydrate your hands and not do a lot of hard work, which might chip the lacquer off!

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