Tips on organizing a baby shower

Becoming a mother can be a special journey because you are responsible for a small human who will look up to you as his/her role model. If someone close to you is becoming a parent then it is time to celebrate their new journey. Here are tips on organizing a baby shower.

Speak to the family

When organizing such a surprise it is important to tell a family member about it. This will make your work load much easier for example if you are planning to have it at their house then the family members will ensure that to be mother isn’t around. Moreover, this will give you a helping hand when it comes to doing the decorations. Once you have informed the family member, you have to pick a date and time. When doing this make sure your friend is free on that day for example she doesn’t have any doctor’s appointment because you wouldn’t want her to turn up late at the event which is organized specially for her. Once you have picked on a date you could send out the invitation and make sure you tell your friends to keep it extremely confidential since this is a surprise and you wouldn’t want to spoil it.

Arrange the party

The next important part is to arrange the party, and this could be the most difficult one since you will have to run around to get the perfect decoration items. If you are looking for pretty party supplies then do check out party store Singapore they have got some amazing items for all sorts of occasions. Food is another important segment which cannot be compromised, go for some good lip-smacking dishes which both the guests and to be mother will love. Don’t forget the games, a baby shower is incomplete without some games such as tasting the poo and guess the baby’s items in a game. Also keep in mind that since this is a surprise your friend might not be dressed for the occasion. So you need to organize an outfit, you could either buy a cute dress which shows her baby bump or pick out something from her closet, the latter could be difficult but if you are a close friend then this shouldn’t be a big task.

Lastly, you will have to organize some gifts for the guests who turned up for the event, this is a nice way of thanking them for keeping the baby shower a secret and helping it to become a wonderful surprise. You don’t have to spend a lot of money for this, something which is cute and fits your budget should do.

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