Tropical Getaway Island Destinations for the Family

When it comes to tropical island holiday destinations, too many choices is going to be your most pressing concern. Right along the equator both to the north and south, mainly to the north, are numerous locations to spend a summer vacation with the family. Golden sandy beaches, clear blue waters, cool tropical breeze, cloudless skies and friendly hosts is a staple at any of these destinations. The below list are a few places where you can go to enjoy all of this.

One of the most popular and exotic locations are the tropical islands of Malaysia.

These islands resorts, such as resorts in tioman, boasts some of the greatest beaches and seas of Asia. These tropical island resorts are one the most sort after locations among the holiday destination locations.Malaysia also has some of the most amazing and scenic locations as well to take your family to visit.

Another famous tropical getaway is are islands of Maldives. With some of the greatest island resorts, Maldives is a summary getaway picture postcard perfect location. With some of the most world renowned locations it is a tourist host spot all year around. Some of these resorts have rooms or chalets sitting right over the clear blue waters. These resorts give visitors an experience that they will be hard pressed to forget.

Another beautiful location for a summer holiday is the tropical island paradise of Sri Lanka. A country rich with culture, heritage and some of the few natural wonders of the world. Sri Lanka offers a package deal for the exploring traveler where, once you have completed your sun and beaches requirements, you can switch things over and see the sites of the country or even thrill yourself with nature excursions like safaris, boat rides and diving to some few remaining coral reefs of the world.

Next on the tropical destinations list in the Asian region is Vietnam. A developing country like Sri Lanka, it too has a wide range of options for the travels to enjoy. Like Sri Lanka, this country was too once ravaged by war and is slowly pulling itself back up. Tourism being a major contributor for its development, it is not short in some truly exciting and exotic places and things to do.

One last place on our list of tropical getaway locations is the archipelago of Seychelles. Like the Maldives, these islands comprise of great tropical locations for any tourist to enjoy. These islands, like the Maldives are almost completely centered around the concept of the sun, beach and the sea. Also like the Maldives, it too is slowly being swallowed by the sea with rising sea levels. So its better to make this trip sooner rather than later to avoid any disasters.

These are some of the most sort after tourist destinations in Asian and in the Indian Ocean that you must go if a proper tropical holiday is your dream.

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