Unexpected Things You Have to Deal With when hiring third Party Workers

Homeowners and many individuals who hope to improve their properties have stories that are both good and bad relating to hiring third party workers to get the projects complete. There are many reality TV shows these days too dedicated to highlighting some of the costly mistakes that have been made and offering home owners some much needed relief in making their projects successful. With that thought in mind let’s look at some of the basics home owners and others must take note of.

Not a delegation: even if you hire the best workers or third party individuals delegating the project and shaking your hands free is not an option. Contract work is not a one off delegation it is an activity that needs to be managed from start to finish. As the home owner you need to ask questions all the way from start to finish and make sure that the project is on track. This is important because after all your home is where you will stay in and the contractor will go to his home in the end so it is no doubt a job to him only.


It’s a job: for a renovation contractor a project is only a job, they usually juggle many projects at the same time so as a home owner it is not prudent to think that the contractor will be at your house everyday looking in to the work 24/7. This is not something they will outright communicate to you because it makes the home owners worry. Therefore it is a given that you accept that this is how things are and make sure that communication channels are always open. When a project starts discuss openly how many workers the contractor will bring in, and who is doing what.


Loyalty is not as it seems: since the home owner pays for the work, you might easily assume that the contractor is on his side, this is far from the truth. As industry experts state, renovation workers are almost always loyal to their industry and other subcontractors they work with. Therefore do not assume anything always make sure you question and get everything cleared out.

Jack of all trades: just because the contractor agreed to do the project renovation as you insist, that does not mean he will do all the work himself, there is bound to be a lot of subcontract work and other contractors being brought in to complete projects. When you sign a contract with one person, it is easy to assume that you will have to only deal with him, however half way through the project you may find yourself dealing with several individuals. Therefore it is best to identify the nature of subcontract work your project will require and agree on a solution that is best suited to your needs.

These are some things that you might overlook, however with preparation you will be able to work with the contractor in a cordial manner.

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